We conceive culture as the foundation of empathy and listening processes, a vehicle for collecting stories, building collective narratives and plural identities.

We want a culture that takes care and is enjoyed together. That it is welcoming and flexible, to meet the needs of local communities. That questions us about the sense of ourselves and the other.

We think of culture as a tool through which to make transformative experiences, discover (or rediscover) ourselves as active participants, give voice and space to everyone’s desires.


RESEARCH: Through qualitative-quantitative research methodologies, we support cultural institutions in exploring audience’s profiles, imaginaries, desires and cultural barriers.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: We design strategies to promote communities’ active participation and we implement them using participatory art, co-design, co-creation, workshops, peer to peer activities.

STORYTELLING AND CULTURAL MARKETING: We help organizations rethink storytelling and cultural marketing strategies, enhance their identities and involve new audiences.

MONITORING AND EVALUATION: We design evaluation and feedback strategies in order to monitor the activities and the impacts.

CAPACITY BUILDING: We facilitate capacity building programs aimed at organizational renewal processes and involving local communities.

FUNDRAISING: We design diversified fundraising strategies (sponsorship, funding bids/grants).


Title: KnoWow! Saperi in movimento – KnoWow! Knowledge in motion

Date: 2019/2020

Where: Dergano, a suburban and multicultural neighborhood of Milan

Partners: Rob De Matt (Applicant), Meraki, Fondazione Aquilone, Nuovo Armenia e Via Dolce Via 

Description: KnoWow! is aimed at artisans (creative, digital and specialized workers) and young people (18-25 years – with attention to situations of fragility – Neet). The project aims to promote in an innovative way the crafts and the artisan skills, rooted in Dergano, through the contamination with 25 young people’s knowledge and interests, also promoting their proactivity, employability and entrepreneurship.

Title: 6 di scena! – 2 are on stage!

Date: 2020/2022

Where: Milan

Partners: Elsinor -Teatro Fontana di Milano (Applicant), Meraki, servomutoTeatro.

Description: The project “6 di scena!” will help make the Fontana Theater a cultural place actively lived by its target audience (local community, young people, city users).  A participatory theater production format, performative incursions and an urban exhibition in augmented reality co-created with artists and young people will be implemented during the project, in order to establish new ways of interacting with the local community and young audiences. The project will also be supported by an innovative social research, feedback collection and audience engagement activities.